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Memphis Travel is able to manage a wide portfolio of clients from shipping companies, ship owners and managers, to offshore corporations. We offer high quality service solutions to seafarers servicing vessels worldwide, effectively dealing with demanding deadlines.

Our expertise in dealing with the nature and diversity of the marine industry, allows us to effectively manage large crew changes and last minute travel .

Specializing in the maritime industry, our travel experts are able to re-arrange travel plans for emergency and urgent situations on a 24/7 basis.

Our 24/7 service is reliable and provides emergency assistance on after hours , as we are committed to offer reliability and control to our clients.

We are able to offer low flexible pricing and special Marine & Offshore fares, assuring our clients receive the best solutions wherever their base is.

Our marine solutions includes the following arrangements:

  • Access to all airlines through our reservation systems
  • Electronic invoicing and tailor made management statistics
  • Exclusive travel arrangements for superintendents
  • Car rentals
  • Information on visa/passport/entry requirements
  • Information on vaccination requirements
  • Personal travel arrangements for seagoing and shore staff and their families
  • 24/7 reliable service

Marine fare eligibility

Although marine fares are strictly controlled by airlines, the eligibility for use is generally the same.

Below is the general rule for the industry:

  • Seaman traveling on duty to/from vessel and who are in possession of a valid seaman’s book
  • Staff employed to work on a vessel, but not a registered seaman but who are added to the manifest
  • A wife/husband of a seaman traveling to/from vessel and who has been added to the ship’s manifest
  • Engineers, contractors, surveyors and superintendents traveling to/from vessel to carry out work on a vessel whether in dock or at sea
  • Persons engaged in repositioning of semi-submersible or drilling rigs under their own power.
  • Vessels in dry dock or being built/repaired

If in doubt please ask our reservation team for clarification.